Monday, November 27, 2006

Cheesy Customer Service

I just went ballistic at customer service this afternoon over a chunk of cheese. Literally.

Well it started last Saturday when I bought a block of vintage cheddar at Berkeley Square, a mini-mall just a stone's throw away from my apartment. It turned out that the expiration date on the package was torn off and there is no way of knowing whether the thing is still edible or is itself a thriving new ecosystem already. It read 10-##-##, and I assumed that the sell-by date was October. The cheese itself was aged for 18 months anyway and it probably would not matter since aged cheeses have stick around for so long already, but still I wouldn't want to take my chances.

So this afternoon I dropped by the supermarket to have the cheese returned or replaced, but as expected I got unsympathetic response from the crew. Being a power-whiner, I demanded to see the store manager ASAP, and after a few minutes of bitching, got a new package of cheese.