Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Zune is Butt-Ugly

Many hacks tech reviewers are raving (mad?) about the Microsoft Zune, the supposedly iPod-killer from Redmond - tauting the much-vaunted WiFi capabilities and its larger screen. Yeah, yeah, but WTF - brown? I know design is not really a strong point for Microsoft, but how ugly can the Zune get? Carrying one would be like lugging an adobe brick around (considering the heft of that thing, this is not far from reality).

Maybe Microsoft should learn from history, such as the following list of supposedly iPod-killers who met their untimely demise after duking it out with the gods of Cupertino. I sure am going to stick with my iPod.

Sony Beans - February 13, 2006
Dell DJ - February 4, 2006
iRiver - February 1,2006 (in Europe)
Thomson - December 12, 2005
BenQ - November 28, 2005
Olympus - November 9, 2005
Rio - August 26, 2005
Virgin - March 8, 2005

Even CNN dissed the Zune at this video: