Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Commute at the MRT

One of my least favorite part (as if I even enjoy it) of my commute to work is the MRT leg. MRT is one of the three light-rail transit system in Metro Manila, stretching from North EDSA to Baclaran in Pasay, passing through EDSA, the main thoroughfare.

MRT itself is not half-bad, aside from the Lilliputian size of the coaches, but rather what catches my ire is the Cubao leg of the journey. You see, once the train reaches the Cubao station, almost all of the waiting passengers there lose all sense of civility and manners - shoving and elbowing everyone just to get inside. Not to mention that almost 90% of them smell really bad (much like over-riped guavas crossed with month-old cheese). Because they are in close proximity with you, their smell and icky sweat would also permeate and rub off on your clothes.

Another chief complaint is the escalator in Quezon Avenue station, which doesn't work most of the time, making me walk up four flights of stairs just to get to the platform.


mark rivera said...

"much like over-riped guavas crossed with month-old cheese" - hahaha classic to kin!

Colexions said...

Dito ka na lang sa Singapore... hehehe... di lang "over-riped guavas crossed with month-old cheese" maaamoy mo... hahaha!!!