Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So much for technology

The Luddites were right this time. At least for today, as I fell victim to technology that went awry and caused my blood pressure to go up a notch.

On my way to work this morning I was horrified to see that the chip readers of the G-Pass, the much-vaunted contactless payment system for MRT, was out of order. Both of them. Which means that I have to fall in line to purchase a single-journey card for me to be able to board the train.

Later I went to the bank (Bank of Philippine Islands in Julia Vargas) to withdraw money over the counter (I can no longer withdraw from the ATMs because of the 20 thousand-peso limit). After waiting in line for almost two hours the bank's computers went offline and nobody can withdraw money. So again I have to bitch a little and "compelled" the teller to make an exception. Fortunately (maybe she was just trying to avoid a tongue lashing), she consented and accepted my ATM receipt as proof that I still have some money in the bank and allowed me to withdraw some.